What does a consumer protection attorney provide?

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consumer protection attorneyYou may be wondering the difference between a consumer protection attorney and say the attorney that would handle a divorce case. Really the answer is as simple as the filed that they practice law in. You could get any attorney who is willing to take your consumer protection lawsuit against a big business but lawyers’ have specialties for a reason. A consumer protection attorney will be experienced in handling suits where businesses are charged with fraud or misleading customers to making purchases. Like any area of law consumer protection has a broad range of areas within it as well as within many different industries. When you are in need of a good lawyer to bring your case against a business for charges of consumer fraud or endangerment, you would be best served to specifically find a consumer protection attorney with experience in the field as well as the industry that the business operates in whenever possible. This will increase your chances of success greatly.

That doesn’t mean that an attorney practicing general law doesn’t have the ability or knowledge to win a consumer protection lawsuit, it simply means you have better choices out there. Just like you wouldn’t go to a general doctor of medicine to perform open heart surgery, you shouldn’t go to the family lawyer to bring your lawsuit against a big company for violating consumer protection laws. Although there are federal and state laws in place that protect consumers from fraud and a host of other unscrupulous business practices, you will still want to consult an attorney to see if you should pursue the case in a court with your own representation or if the local, state and federal government agencies can obtain an outcome to satisfy your needs.

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Reasons to Immigrate to America

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immigrantsFor hundreds of years families have been coming to the United States. They immigrate to America for many different reasons. This can include religious freedom, economic opportunity, and educational and career advancement. What is clear is that the United States has and will always benefit from families coming here. Immigration based on family relationships is good for many reasons. An article published by the Immigration Policy Center defines several reasons why we want family based immigration.

1.  Families are crucial to the social and economic incorporation of newcomers. When new immigrants come to the United States they gather in areas where they can connect with those who speak their language, practice their religion, and take part in similar cultural practices. The reason they do this is often just the opposite of what many think. They are not doing this to be less integrated, they are doing this to learn more about American economic and social opportunities. They want to use the organizations and resources that have already been built by those who came before them.

2.     Family-based immigration has a positive impact on business development and community improvement. Surprisingly, many of the immigrants who start successful American businesses come to the United States as family based immigrants, not employment based immigrants. The family relationships they have while in the United States nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual curiosity. The family unit integrated with other families who have immigrated can more easily navigate the American economic and cultural landscape. As a result these immigrants start businesses, invest in their local communities, and revitalize the economy of many American cities.

3.     Immigrants who come to the country on a family-based visa tend to move up the socio-economic ladder. Many have complained about the low wage workers who come via the family relationship as compared to employment based immigrants who often enter the United States with higher paying jobs. However, evidence has shown that kinship based immigrants are extremely upwardly mobile, even more so than local American workers. This might have to do with an appreciation of the opportunity they have been given and a drive to work extremely hard to realize the American dream.

4.    Family admissions are critical for the “care economy,” which is fundamental for the well-being of household members, helps sustain the current and future workforce, and facilitates women’s labor force participation. Many of the women who come to the United States as wives, mothers, daughters and sisters have an immeasurable positive effect on the economic and cultural well-being of America. Even if these women are not part of the workforce they are often caring for all members of the family providing the stability and nurturing needed to inspire the next generation of American workers and entrepreneurs.

A family friendly immigration policy is also imperative for the success of employment based immigrants. Employment based immigrants need to know that their family members will have the opportunity to come to the United States as well. Without this they may be less likely to bring their advanced skills to our shores.

Katy immigration attorneys at the Springer Law Firm do both family and employment based immigration and would be happy to help you with your specific immigration needs.

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Being a Family Law Attorney isn’t Always about Winning

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FamilyCourtWhen I say that being a family law attorney isn’t always about winning I mean that you don’t have to be a cutthroat lawyer, slashing and burning anyone that stands in the way of what your client wants. Sometimes being a good family lawyer means helping your client see that winning at all costs can sometimes mean you really lose. I have seen too many families torn apart in bitter battles taken place in family court and I pride myself on trying to get my clients to see the harm they are causing when they go all scorched earth on the opposition.

Being a Family Law Attorney has made me appreciate my family so much more than if I had chosen a different career path but not being as emotionally invested in each case makes it easier for me to approach each case with a clear head. The same can’t be said for my clients the majority of the time. That’s why I try to be the voice of reason to my clients. It’s not that I don’t want them to win, I just want them to be able to mend or maintain civil relationships with the other parties involved when the case is over. Sometimes that means letting go of the bitterness and baggage when I represent them in family court. Viciously going after an ex-spouse for something like a car or even a house can damage the relationship years in to the future and lots of times they will have to deal with that person when children are involved.

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How to Choose the Right Attorney

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When you need legal representation, getting the right person can mean the difference between huge life changing outcomes and continuing on with life as normal. Now I know that this isn’t the common situation that most people experience but it can happen to you and having the best legal representation can be the equivalent to having a proper life insurance policy in place. That is the reason I suggest to people that they find a lawyer long before they ever have the need for one.

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